Sunday, March 22, 2009

Proud of my little cheerleader

Ok, I need to brag a little here, so forgive me. Hannah is in 6th grade this year, which means that she can try out for junior high cheerleader. She has been waiting for this moment since she was in kindergarten. I have been the cheer coach at Roosevelt for 6 years and Hannah has been my little "assistant" all these years. I remember a time at practice one year when my 7 year old daughter came over to inform me that some of the girls high v's were not right and that another girl was rushing the 2nd part of the cheer and that another needed to lock her knees in the extention. Cheer has obviously been her life. Well last Friday was the big day - Cheer Tryouts!! For those of you who have not been through the process of your child trying out for something they've had their heart set on for their life yet, just wait. It's the most stressful, stomach aching thing I've had to go through and I'm the coach! I remember telling moms every year to "not worry", "she'll be ok" "Your daughter is doing great" "You are going to be fine". Well when the shoe is on the other foot, now I know why they worry. It's so hard to sit and watch your child want something so bad and not have the control to give it to them. That's where I was. Well her hard work paid off. She made it! There are 8 girls on my junior high squad, 4 in each grade. We were so excited. Anyway, here is her tryout in front of the student body. Thanks for letting me brag! (btw - she's the one on the left)


  1. Way to go, Hannah! She certainly knows what she's doing out there. Well deserved!

    A side note...I think I used to be built like that. As I look down at my giant belly today (and even my figure when I wasn't expecting a baby), I guess I have to accept that those days are over :)

  2. I know. It's sad isn't it. She's the spitting image of me at that age. Just a little more coordinated in the cheer department. I have definitely got to come see you!

  3. I am so proud of her!!! and you are a great mommy! love you!