Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just because it comes in a pretty package

Ok, so I am officially on spring break, you know sleeping in and all that good stuff. Wahoo! Well sleeping in, if you don't have a one and a half year old who can escape from his crib. Ok, well Monday morning I'm awoken to the sound of a cute little voice calling me. "Mama! Mama!" and then his grunts and the rustling of paper. So I crack open one eye to see little Rope standing next to me begging me to open the "candy" he had found. I write candy with quotes, because he has found where I keep my tampons and he thinks that since they are wrapped in pretty green and yellow packaging, that they must be treats that mama has been hiding from him all this time. I quickly jump up, take them away and offer him his nice sponge bob fruit snacks, but NOOOOOO he wants mama's candy! So for 3 days, I've had to continuously take them away from him. I know, I know, find a new spot, or shut the door, but where and he can open doors now? You can't just keep those things anywhere you know? So anyway, I guess I'll continue to try and convince him that his candy is much better than mama's. :) Maybe he'll forget soon.

1 comment:

  1. How funny! What a little stinker...a cute little stinker!

    I'm going to Amarillo this afternoon to see my Papaw (who is in the hospital). I'd love to get together tomorrow or Friday (or this weekend)! Come on by!

    It would be a treat to see you with or without a present...especially if you bring Rope :)