Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nothin' better than a good friend and an even better pickle!

Rope and his friend Dax met at their sister's softball games, where they not only discovered friendship, but pickles too!

This is so tasty!

Spring Band Concert

Chastin is in the high school band. He played the bass guitar during marching season (and yes, for those of you who are familiar with marching bands I said bass guitar - and for those of you that are not familiar with marching bands, guitars are not usually found. In fact he was the only one in Texas I believe. But after his skiing injury, he was, as we call it "promoted" to triangle player. He was NOT happy. I think he was the BEST little triangle player. :)

Hannah was in beginning band (yes that's her in first chair position, just like her mama!) She is loving band and gets to be a "roadie" for the high school band next year. Which means she gets to travel with the band to all the Varsity football games and help set up for the half time show. She's pretty excited!

The concert was very entertaining, with my favorite song being the Veggie Tales theme song!

Rope loving the music! He's so cute!!

The Ice Cream Truck

While visiting Nana and Papa's in Tulia, the ice cream truck came by. Wish I would have had my camera when we were picking out what we wanted. This was pretty cool in Rope's eyes! His first ice cream truck purchase. I did happen to capture them enjoying their tasty treats.

I love Rope's expression in this picture!!!

Mmmmmm! I'm liking this popcicle!