Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Does the tooth fairy leave money for a tooth that was knocked out by your brother?

Clay and Chance were playing basketball in the house (which they are not supposed to do, but with boys it happens!) when all of a sudden Clay comes running in the kitchen, blood pouring out of his mouth, screaming. Apparently Clay's tooth met up with Chance's shoe and knocked it loose (a complete accident of course). I cleaned him up and decided to see if I could just pull it out. He pulled back and informed me that it hurt. I reminded him that when a baby tooth is loose and ready to fall out, it doesn't hurt. That's when I found out that the tooth wasn't loose. Even though it was a baby tooth, it wasn't time to come out. So now I'm worried, but Bryan reassured me it was fine (because it was a baby tooth) and to just leave it alone, because it would either loosen up more or tighten back up if it wasn't ready. Ok, so I sent Clay back to play. Not even 15 minutes later, Clay comes running back in the kitchen, more blood, but this time with a tooth in his hands. This time while going for the rebound it seems Chance's elbow decided to finish the job! So Clay's tooth was knocked out by Chance. Thank goodness it was a baby tooth and not a permanent tooth! Boys!!

I'm sharing the picture because he's so proud that he didn't cry and as he put it "the blood is so cool!!"

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