Saturday, April 4, 2009

Little Dribblers

#1 Fan!

Well we just finished the most crazy season of little dribblers I've ever participated in. Our 3 middle children were all playing this year. We play in the Slaton league where we live instead of the Roosevelt league where we go to school. I really like playing here not only for the convenience of playing in town, but this also helps the kids meet kids here in town. Anyway, having 3 children playing you can only imagine how busy we were. For about 6 weeks, we have had a least 1 game a night, but most nights we had 3. The boys both played at the junior high, but Hannah played across town at the high school. Thank goodness Chastin can drive. To make it even more hectic , I coached Hannah's team. I know, I know, I'm crazy. But I had a great time and loved every minute of it! I'm thankful for parents of some of my girls for helping out with my "assistant" Coach Rope. We had a great season but I am so glad its OVER! Now time for BASEBALL!

Hannah with her t-shirt. They gave the 5-6 players t-shirts instead of trophies. Pretty cool!

My 3rd place team the Comets. 3 of my girls are named Hannah. What are the chances? Made it easy sometimes "Hannah! Get the ball!" Somebody, got the ball! LOL

Chastin, Me and Hannah

Chance with his t-shirt. His team the Bobcats, were the Champions of 5th-6th grade.

Clay, so proud of his trophy! They gave 3rd-4th graders trophies. He was also on the Championship team!

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