Saturday, May 9, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Baseball season is officially in full swing and has found me busier than ever. I thought basketball was a busy season, but at least all those games were in the same town and gym. Baseball has found me running from town to town to catch a game. Like this morning, for example Hannah played at Roosevelt at 12:00, Clay had a game in Abernathy at 1:30, so I had to leave Hannah's game early (in the middle of her pitching I might add and after an injury - more later) to rush Clay to Abernathy. As soon as his game was over, we rushed back to Slaton to make Chance's game, which started at 3:00, just in time to get there to see him sit out the rest of the game. I completely missed him getting to play. But I was there! I was happy that I was able to make at least part all 3 games.

Clay and Chance are both playing in the Slaton league. We really like playing here, not only for the convenience of playing in the town where we live (my favorite part) but the kids are making so many friends here. For those of you who don't know, we don't go to school in the town where we live. I've been teaching at Roosevelt for 7 years and when we moved to Slaton, we didn't want the kids to move schools so we commute. Anyway, the boys play in Slaton. Clay plays machine pitch and Chance is in kid pitch.

Both my boys play 2nd base and Chance also pitches.

Chance looking happy on 2nd base.

Here's Chance pitching. On the 2nd pitch he catches the ball to get the batter out, throws to first to get the runner out, but unfortunately the first baseman misses the ball and two runners make it home. I love the outfielder's expression at the end of the video!

Clay on 2nd base.
Clay batting.

Wish I would have had my video camera rolling when Clay played today. He caught a pop fly (his very first one ever!) But in my rush out the door, I left the camera at home. :( I'll try to get a video of Clay at his next game.

Future ball player!

Now Hannah....
Hannah is playing softball for the first time EVER. She hasn't played since t-ball and I'm not sure if that really counts as playing if all you did was pick dandelions and chase butterflies. But peer pressure got the best of her (thankfully it was positive peer pressure) and she decided to play with all her friends in the Roosevelt league. The first practice came and went and Hannah was pretty excited. I was very glad that she was having a good time, but honestly I didn't know if she was going to get much playing time because she is a newbie to softball.

Ok, long story short, its the first game and we are winning 9 - 1, then the pitcher starts getting tired and walking every batter - score is 9-6. Coach calls a time out to switch pitchers and guess who they put in to pitch? You guessed it Hannah! I couldn't believe it. Are you sure?? Hannah's pitching?? I didn't know she could pitch. Well here's the video of her pitching and striking the batter out. We have 2 outs, bases loaded and we are ahead 9-8 (she walked 2 girls prior to this batter). We only need 1 more out to win the game. I'm so proud of her!!! LOL you can hear me on the video giving Bryan a play by play.

Oh and watch the girls in the outfield - I love how excited they get each time she throws a strike.

Hannah on 2nd base (yes she hit the ball!!)

Well we still have about a month left of baseball, so if you would like to watch a game - let me know! I'm sure I'll have more to post this season.

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